Garden Gnome Ecosystems

Creating a sustainable system for gnomes to play in.

Garden Gnome Doodles

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This semester, my Tuesday is a filled by an hour-and-fifteen-minute class, followed by an even longer 2-hours-and-a-bit class.  Both classes are usually pretty heavy on the lecture, which is fine, when I’m totally well rested and armed with crunchy snacks.

When I’m sleepy and I’ve neglected to prepare snacks, these classes are a little bit more challenging to sit through.

So I doodle.  And I though these little guys deserved a moment of fame.


This is what I can’t wait to be doing this summer (sans beard, belly, and giant toadstool).

Gnome and shovel

This is what I’m looking forward to, and dreading at the same time. Must start walking everywhere, working out, and hoping for the best.

Author: Ruth

I'm a cat feeder and box-cleaner. I'm a cook, a wife, a student, an (occasional) crafter, and a small-town child turned city lover. Most of all, I'm an urban vegetable gardener in a province with bitter cold winters, hot dry summers, and backwards food policy.


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