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Grow Write Guild Post #1: My First Plant


The snow in my backyard is at least four feet tall in some places.  I’m having trouble bringing to mind images of plants that live outside, so I’ll stick with my first very-own plant, one that lived in a cheap green pot, and only flowered once.  Maybe.

I couldn’t remember what the plant was, except that it had tall leaves, and a white flower.

I asked Google what the plant was.  Then I texted to ask my mom what the plant was.  She’s my plant dictionary.

“Hey Mom, do you remember that plant with tall skinny leaves that only maybe flowered once?  The one where you suggested that I part with it a few months after it flowered, since it wasn’t likely to ever flower again, but I insisted on carting around the three tall leaves for a few years?  I might have just made that part up in my head.  It might not have ever flowered.”

“Indoors? Amaryllis? It’s hard to get them to flower more than once.”

“That’s it. Thanks Mom. And thanks for quelling my fears that I really am a terrible gardener, when it comes to indoor plants, even if I was 5 when I started trying to force a second flowering.”

Sorry Google, mom won this round.  You just showed me spider plants, and tiny white flowers.

I think the bulb was a birthday gift.  Perhaps it was a Christmas gift.  Maybe it was Easter.  I can’t remember.

I wasn’t unfamiliar with the wonder of a tiny green shoot poking up through the soil, but this one was mine, and I’m sure I checked it every day.  When it finally flowered, I’m sure I showed everyone.  Those flowers are stunning.

The flower eventually died, and then I started to stare at the leaves, talk really nicely to them, and otherwise attempt to will my pretty plant into flowering again. I might have even petted the leaves.

This is starting to move towards fiction; I can’t remember that much from my childhood.

It’s been four moves and three cats since I planted that bulb, and I’m not sure where it went missing. Most likely it didn’t survive long enough to even attempt the first move, but I haven’t a clue. Maybe one of the first two cats ate it. It definitely wasn’t around long enough for number 3 to eat it. He would have.

Sometimes I miss it.

My first plant was a white amaryllis; thank-you to Gayla at You Grow Girl for the push back into a wonderful memory.

I’ve since moved on to a jade plant, aloe vera (x2), dracena and a boston fern.  They’re all beautiful even if they don’t ever flower for me.  I’ll save the flowering plants for the outside garden.


Author: Ruth

I'm a cat feeder and box-cleaner. I'm a cook, a wife, a student, an (occasional) crafter, and a small-town child turned city lover. Most of all, I'm an urban vegetable gardener in a province with bitter cold winters, hot dry summers, and backwards food policy.

9 thoughts on “Grow Write Guild Post #1: My First Plant

  1. I love the image of petting the leaves, fiction or not – that anxious belief that, with enough magical thinking, we can make something grow is all too familiar to me! I am loving the Grow Write Guild project; my response to Prompt #1 is here:

  2. I love your musings, thank you for sharing.

  3. Amaryllis are such beautiful flowers. I did not know that they typically only flowered once! I can entirely see myself carting around “empty” leaves for several years, hoping for another bloom.

    • I think they just need a set of particular conditions to set bloom again – I’ve never been a particular gardener. I just wait and see what happens, so it wasn’t likely to bloom again for me. 🙂

  4. Ruth, reading your post made me realize that I’ve never had an amaryllis flower. They are beautiful and I associate them with Christmas. I will have to step outside my plant routine and try growing one this year.

  5. I love Amaryllis, and I get mine to bloom every year. It’s pretty easy once you know the tricks. 🙂 Thought I’d share my post from the Grow Write Guild exercise… My First Plant

    • Thanks for stopping by! Your response was great – poor bean plant. I don’t think I ever grew a bean plant – I’m not sure how I missed out on that.


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