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Grow Write Guild Post #3: My garden, right now


This prompt cracked me up. First, the title – “Ch-ch-changes” – had me scooting on over to YouTube to put on some mood music.

Describe your garden right now. Well, 3 feet of snow, except just outside the back door where we shoveled a couple times last year. There it’s only about 2 feet deep, and packed down.

The whole garden: white, with boot prints (or boot holes?), because I gave up, and finally took the garbage out yesterday, and while I was doing that, I decided to take an adventure walk over to the fence, to see how deep the snow was. Up to my knees in the shallow spots, it is.

the stick and red spot are little bits of compost escaping from the pile beside my back door…also, bunny tracks!

Depressing, cold, and seemingly never changing. “Ch-ch-changes” in my garden – I’m not so sure. ย But at least I’m going to be grooving to David Bowie all afternoon.


Author: Ruth

I'm a cat feeder and box-cleaner. I'm a cook, a wife, a student, an (occasional) crafter, and a small-town child turned city lover. Most of all, I'm an urban vegetable gardener in a province with bitter cold winters, hot dry summers, and backwards food policy.

7 thoughts on “Grow Write Guild Post #3: My garden, right now

  1. Oh my! Where do you live?!? I’ve been getting spitting mad every time the temps dare to head below 40. I’ve felt balmy breezes and I’m not going back ! You can’t make me! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I’m in Regina, Saskatchewan – zone 2b. 40 degrees F would be about 4 degrees C, no? – and that’s a nice day here. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ve had a few plus 10 degree days, but it just keeps dropping back down and snowing again. Granted, most years, winter doesn’t last this long, but according to my much older family members, we aren’t breaking records yet for longest winter (we did break the snow fall record – and then it kept snowing). If I’d been keeping a blog last year I’d know for sure, but I’m almost certain I could see dirt this time last year.

  2. How does it look today? Here in Montreal it looks like it is finally spring…

  3. LOL, if I would have been on the ball and written mine the same day as you, my Minneapolis gardens would have looked very similar. Wow, I thought we had it bad in z4b. Hope the snow will melt fast for you so you can get started on your garden. I thought the same thing about the song. Great, now it’s back in my head! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here’s my response to prompt #3… My Gardens Right Now



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