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Blue-eyed Grass, and being on the right path

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When I first moved into the house I am in now, I found blue-eyed grass, and I knew right then that I was exactly where I needed to be.

This spring and start of summer has been a whirlwind of change. I gave up the job that I loved (and still love) working in communal community gardens in an (almost) food-desert, to go work on a little organic vegetable farm in BC for the summer. I joined the Co-op program at my university, so I’m in and out of the job I’m at before I head out to BC, interviewing and interviewing and interviewing for positions in the fall. I’m neglecting the blog. Sorry, loyal readers.

blue-eyed grass at university

Yesterday I found this in a neglected bed at the university, right after my first interview for a Co-op placement. Today, I met one of the potential replacements for the position that I am vacating. She’d met my mom at a workshop a few month before, and chatted with her about healing gardens. My mom had suggested I get in touch with her about perhaps building one where I work now, in the position she’s being considered for. She’s super passionate about gardens and youth. I’m sure the other potential candidate is just as great.

All this time I’d been wondering what possessed me to up and accept a position a thousand miles away, when I had a dream job here. Now I know. There’s great energy in the air, and it’s my time to fly. There are others to do the work, in their own way, with their own gifts.

I’ll get back to pictures of plants and recipes soon.

Author: Ruth

I'm a cat feeder and box-cleaner. I'm a cook, a wife, a student, an (occasional) crafter, and a small-town child turned city lover. Most of all, I'm an urban vegetable gardener in a province with bitter cold winters, hot dry summers, and backwards food policy.


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