Garden Gnome Ecosystems

Creating a sustainable system for gnomes to play in.


I’ve always wanted to have a garden that gnomes would love to play in.  I grow vegetables, mostly, and the occasional purely pretty thing.

What I’ve realized about ecosystems is that they are very much tied to neighbouring ecosystems; for my garden to be healthy, my home, heart, food and city must be too.  So I talk a lot about my cat, my renovation projects, and the latest recipes I’ve tried.  Sometimes I talk about the stumbling blocks on the path to (my vision of) a healthy city.  Sometimes I try to change them.  But mostly, I cook, renovate and garden around the stumbling blocks, so you won’t hear much about that.

Also, I refuse to learn to use my sorta nice, but rather old camera because it spends most of its time with fresh batteries in my partners hands, and the remainder of its time waiting for batteries (4!) to charge; I can’t seem to convince my partner to take photos of homemade granola bars and light-deprived house plants, even though he has claimed ownership and mastery of said camera.  I take all my photos with an iPhone, since it lives in my back pocket, takes decent photos, and it’s always charged.


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