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Tiny Homes and Local Bylaw

For the past few years, and past few weeks especially, I’ve been obsessing over the Tumbleweed Tiny Homes.  I’d been wavering between the Loring and the Whidbey; dreamed up a few modifications for both, in order to create two bedrooms; and almost convinced the husband that a stair ladder wouldn’t be so bad.

I finally sat down to do the not so fun research today. As it turns out, my dreams of living in a tiny home will require some modification, since the city bylaws require all new development to have a minimum square footage of 74 square meters – which is actually larger than the not-so-tiny house we’re living in now.  As for the tiny homes built on flat-decks: it looks like we could get away with it, since the city just requires that the homes conform to C.S.A. Z.240MH series-M86, and as far as I could tell there aren’t minimum sizes noted in these guidelines.  But we were only considering the trailer home as a temporary home while we find a place to settle.

My newest plan includes modifying the design – darn, now I need an engineer or an architect – and adding a “sun room” to make up the remaining square footage.  More than half the house would be devoted to glass walls and growing plants.  Perhaps I could create a removable wall to allow the space to breath better in summer?  Add a cob oven and or rocket-stove?  Maybe I should just pester city council until they change the laws.  For now, I’ll work on a tiny home design with an oven that fits on a flat deck and includes a stair ladder.  That and contemplate living in a trailer park.