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Temperate Climate Permaculture: Permaculture Plants: Stinging Nettle

Looking for a plant to keep bicycles from plowing through your garden?  Or something to caution your kids about?  Try Stinging Nettle.

My mother used to feed us Stinging Nettle every spring.  I have yet to discover a way that I enjoy eating cooked greens of any kind, but the soup he talks about over at Temperate Climate Permaculture sounds delicious, and the information is so thorough.

I must find a way to grow some nettles in the neglected corner of my yard that sits between the garage and my neighbour’s fence.

Temperate Climate Permaculture: Permaculture Plants: Stinging Nettle.


Aloe Vera in Wintertime


I’ve had this Aloe plant for three years, and often wondered if I’d killed it. It just wasn’t happy in the house, even though I let it dry out between waterings, fertilized it occasionally, and generally gave it adequate care. Recently it seemed to adjust to life with us, and put out plenty of young leaves.

The weeks before Christmas were crazy, and for two weeks, I neglected to water my plants. Then we went home for a week and a half. I came home to very dry soil. Thankfully, the only plants that can survive in my house – very little direct sunlight in summer, less in winter – are desert house plants.

After we returned to school, I returned to regularly watering my plants, and just yesterday I noticed a baby plant springing out at the base! It’s alive! In winter! How strange.