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Crassula ovata ‘Variegata’ – Variegated Jade Plant

Every Tuesday, I walk through a short sunny walkway between two buildings at the university. And every Tuesday, I get part way through the walkway, and I stop at a variegated mint and cream jade plant and wonder where I can find one just like it. Then I contemplate taking one of the leaves that have fallen off and are lying in the dirt, but ultimately I realize they’re already shriveled, and probably wouldn’t sprout anyways. I come home and wonder where I can find one for myself.


Friday I spent my afternoon finding the species name, and reading up on the jade plant, and then trying to find a supplier. In the process of all this googling, I found myself realizing that my neglect of my current (plain) jade plant hasn’t been harsh enough, and it’s getting leggy. I’ll be waiting for it to wilt before its next watering. I might even trim it back, and try to sprout the cuttings.

If I lived somewhere remotely warm, finding the jade plant wouldn’t be a problem, but I live in zone 2b. We’re set to break a record for snowfall this year; the snow on my front lawn is at least two feet deep, and the weather man says we’re going to get another few inches before it all melts away. The last frost date isn’t until May 21st.

I called my favourite local garden center, and they had some tropicals on the way, but nothing in stock yet. I emailed a succulent greenhouse two hours away. I even emailed the university maintenance department, to see if they could tell me where to get the elusive variegated jade plant. I’m hoping they let me take the fallen leaves. I even checked e-bay. I watched the water drip off my neighbour’s icicle clad downspout, went and stood in my sunny kitchen, and nearly exploded with all the pent up gardening energy.


Two and a half months to go.

Update (a little late, I’ve been writing term papers and finals):

The pretty plant at the university started to look a little sad – perhaps the floor cleaner ran into it – and was soon replaced with a plain jade plant.  😦

The succulent greenhouse just outside of Saskatoon got back to me and they have variegated jade in stock! If you’re in Saskatchewan – here’s the website: