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Salsa and Jack the Cat

First post.  Let me introduce you to the cat, and the purpose of the blog.  I’ll be writing to track my success and failures, because I’ve failed again to keep a garden diary, and I just might do this if it yields a searchable catalogue of what to do right next year.

My first attempt at canning.  I canned salsa, with the help of Jack, the earless cat.  Or attempted to – the salsa is delicious, but the seals might not be quite right, so we’re eating 3 pints of salsa this week, and leaving one can out to test my seal.

We started with the recipe for Traditional Salsa from the Ball website, and followed it exactly.  The salsa simmered, the jars were hot, lids went on,and off again because we forgot to bubble the jars.  Back on with the lids – but I only cleaned the top edge of the jar, perhaps this is a problem – and into the the canner the jars went.  The salsa came out full of bubbles, with the solids jammed against the lid, and the liquid all at the bottom with a fine layer of solids at the bottom.  A quick google search says I might have let the salsa cool too much between the pot and the canner which broke down the pectin that holds it all together, and that’s why the food floated.  But bubbles?  Bubbles are scary.

At least it’s a high-acid food, and we won’t all die of botulism.