Garden Gnome Ecosystems

Creating a sustainable system for gnomes to play in.

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Saturday Inspiration: Cargo bikes, Atwood & Gibson, and urban fruit foraging

Things that made me happy this week:

From the internets:

From the garden:

pea sprouts

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Saturday Inspiration: Eating for a dollar a day and naked gardening

These aren’t quite as inspiring as last week’s links – but worthy reading none the less.

A terrific post on how impossible it is to eat a varied and healthy diet for less than £1 per day (so, about $1.60 here)

Today is World Naked Gardening Day! If Regina wasn’t still cold and snowy, I might consider partaking. (NSFW)


Saturday Inspiration: Apples, land rights, and food forests

A few links for an inspiring, delightful Saturday afternoon.  The sun is out here – so I’ll be posting this, and throwing open the windows to let in a little sunshine while I whittle away at spring cleaning/planting/planning.  Enjoy!

I’m going to go start schemeing about helping urban food production take off right here in Regina.  Maybe I’ll even figure out how to make a living growing food and changing the world.