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Creating a sustainable system for gnomes to play in.

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Rain in Late November

That sounds like a heartsick song to me, but the weather today was certainly melancholy enough to warrant such miserable writing.

The rain though, was a strange thing to see; by now, it’s generally snow or nothing here.  Today it rained all afternoon, leaving tiny icicles on the tree in my front yard and a slippery sheen on the roads, then switched to snow, and covered the glossy streets with a deceiving, pretty layer.

Almost two weeks ago, it was ten inches of snow keeping us inside and off the roads.  Instead of gardening we made bread.

And took pictures of the evidence that some animals don’t seem to mind the snow.

Discussions of workshops on gardens in the spring persist through winter, but that much snow has me thinking about finals, finishing up a semester, and Christmas break.  Jack, ever the helpful animal, thought he could pitch in with the last few essays.